Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...Ingrid Pitt... ...21 November 1937 – 23 November 2010... ...Rest In Peace...

Ingrid Pitt during my youth was one of the most beautiful and bountiful actresses that I was literally "choke" exposed to on the Silver Screen... Her appearances in Hammer and Amicus Films such as "The Vampire Lovers", "Countess Dracula", and "The House That Dripped Blood" were unforgettable... She was born one day before my father and passed from this mortal coil one day before my birth date... ...What are the chances... ...Weird... Hammer Films delved into soft porn during her reign as "Horror Queen"  and I'll turn it over to "The Queen Of Vampire Films" herself to describe her thoughts as far as the criticism she took at the time... "Horror scripts kept coming in but they were all more of the same. In VAMPIRE LOVERS and COUNTESS DRACULA, the nudity had been an authentic part of the story... Suddenly, nudity and sex were the stories... It wasn't prudery that made me turn them down... I was ready to bare a breast with the rest of them... But the stories - ugh... If the script requires nudity I am not against it... In THE VAMPIRE LOVERS it was essential that there was nudity to make a point... Many films have been made with nudity being the main attraction... For some people that is enough motivation to see a film but as an actress it is not enough reason for me to be in it... If it is just there for no reason at all, it is up to the director and the actors to do with it as they believe... For instance, I think having brought nudity to the screen quite openly and unashamedly has done away with a lot of hypocricy and feelings of guilt... It is wrong to be ashamed of the naked body... The guilt is in people's mind, not in the showing of the body... I am glad to say that we live in a society today where the naked body is not something we have to be ashamed of... My progress as an actress can not be hindered by the truth..." - Ingrid Pitt 

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