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...Hewetson Interviews Hewetson...

As follows is an interview that the Archaic One did with himself upon Skywald's demise... From CANAR Fanzine #26-27-28 (Oct.- Nov.- Dec. 1974)
Hewetson Interviews Hewetson
An exclusive interview with Archaic Al (who also asked all his own questions) on the demise of the Skywald Publishing Corporation.
Q: Well, what do you think now that Skywald is all over and done with?
A: (no answer)
Q: Are you going to do more comics work?
A: (no answer)
Q: Well, are you?
A: (no answer)
Q: What do you think of Gus Funnell, Gene Day, Ed Fedory, Maelo Cintron, Pablo Marcos, Ricardo Villamonte and all those other great guys on the Mood-Team?
A: Great guys, all of them.
Q: Most of those people you introduced to comics. They were unpublished before you published them.
A: Yes, I know. Great guys.
Q: Do you have any regrets?
A: I would have enjoyed ending it neatly.
Q: A lot of people were very critical of your work. They called you crass, violent and very low brow.
A: Bullshit.
Q: In all the mail you received at Skywald over the years you must've received a lot of praise.
A: Yes, and I will carry that guy's letter to the grave with me.
Q: Oh, no, really, you must've received a lot of praise.
A: Yes it was a long letter.
Q: Don't forget what Writer's Digest called your work-- “the most vital, constantly moving ahead, breaking new ground, using consistently innovative stories.”
A: Mmmh.
Q: Are you going to carry the nickname Archaic Al into your other work?
A: No. That was a Horror-Mood word. I am just Al again.
Q: So, umh -- your doing books now eh, novels like Hawke, which will be a series about a political character--
A: Yeh. You're a very informed interviewer.
Q: And movies, like the “Gaunt” movie series coming up, and “Jaws Of Terror” is your latest screenplay, going into film production in just a couple of months.
A: Yeh.
Q: So, how's it going?
A: Okay.
Q: You've been quite experimental.
A: Yeh.
Q: Did you enjoy being experimental?
A: Oh Yeh.
Q: Any advice for artists and writers wanting to break into comics?
A: Be persistent.
Q: On the occasion of the demise of Skywald is there any remark you'd care to make to all the people who have read the Horror-Mood magazines over the years, all the readers, all the fans, all the critics, all the praisers and all the competitors, all of your fellow writers on the Horror-Mood team, all your artists and all the people out there, anything you'd care to say?
A: Thank you all for a great five years.
Q: By the way, what does primal spinal mean?
A: It's a little box, the contents of which are now history.
Q: Well, see you around?
A: Sure.

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